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Pool (Aquatic) Therapy

Pool therapy is an active exercise program to improve movement, balance and cardiovascular fitness. It is effective in the early phase of rehabilitation to promote movement and confidence and in the later stages to encourage more active exercise programs.

Exercises in the pool use the freedom of movement in water to achieve balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination to restore normal function for orthopedic and neurological conditions.

The program is taught by one of our kinesiologists who have extensive knowledge and experience working with patients with pain and movement disorders.

Aquatic Therapy FAQ'S

Why exercise in water?

Buoyancy when submerged in water assists in supporting the weight of the body. This support decreases the force of stress placed on the joints which makes aquatic therapy useful for patients with arthritis, healing fractured bones, or who are overweight. Less joint stress makes it is easier and less painful to perform exercises.

Exercise in water also provides a good deal of resistance which allows for muscle strengthening without the need of weights.

I can’t swim - can I still particiapte in pool therapy?

Yes! There are a variety of aquatic exercises and our kinesiologists can work with you one-on-one to modify the exercises for you. Just let us know that you are a non-swimmer during your initial evaluation and we can make sure the pool program exercises are appropriate for you.

Do I need to shower before/after pool therapy?

Yes please. The less dirt, oils and lotion that end up in the water makes it easier on the pools filtration system to function. As well perfumes should be rinsed off since they can stay on the surface of the water and may be unpleasent for some during exercise. It is good to shower after pool use as well to rinse off chlorine.