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Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic medicine deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Some of the injuries commonly treated include:

  • headaches
  • temporomandibular joint pain
  • whiplash injuries and other neck pain
  • shoulder and arm injuries
  • back sprains/strains
  • hip problems
  • knee injuries
  • ankle and foot injuries

Orthopedic Injury FAQ'S

What is an orthopedic surgeon?

An Orthopedic Surgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system including bones, joints, muscles, and any related painful conditions. At Reinhold we are not surgeons; we are physicians who specialize in manual Orthopedic medicine, the non-surgical treatment of the musculoskeletal system, including neurological studies.

What is best treatment for knee injuries?

Initial treatment for most knee injuries include ice, elevation, light exercises, ultra sound and/or tens machine. Laser therapy has also been suuccessful in speeding the recovery time of injuries. Active excercise like Pilates is introduced once swelling has gone down and pain is reduced, this will strengthen the muscles around the knee and increase the range of motion in joints and ligaments.

What is the orthopedic treatment for a back injury?

There are many types, causes and symptoms of back injuries, it is one of the most common injuries in a physiotherapy clinic. Disk herniation, sciatica nerve, muscle spasm, ligament sprain, poor posture and degenerative problems can all cause back pain. The first thing a physiotherapist will do is assess your problem to get an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes you will be asked to see your doctor and have xrays, ct scans or a MRI done to further access the injury.

Once properly diagnosed treatment may include massage therapy, manual joint manipulations or mobilisations, stretching and active exercise. Often back pain can be reduced through building core strength and correcting posture to take strain off the injured disks or ligaments.