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Multidisciplinary Treatment Programs

Work Hardending/Work Return Assistance

The work hardening program is a customized work simulation exercise and strengthening program which aims at safely returning the injured person to work, perform their pre-injury activities or enter into a work placement program.

Functional Testing

At Reinhold Rehabilitation Services we perform functional evaluations to assess the patient’s strength, progression and readiness to return to work. The test provides objective measurements to determine our patient’s ability and limitations. It provides guidelines to recommend safe return to work programs.

We can perform WORK WELL functional assessments through our occupational therapy department.

Occupational Therapy

At Reinhold Rehabilitation Services we work closely with our Occupational therapists in Hamilton. Occupational therapists assist people to do day-to-day activities, despite impairments, movement and activity limitations. The Occupational therapist will perform a detailed assessment of the patient's day-to-day needs in the home and/or at the workplace. They will provide education and treatment "hand-in-hand" with physiotherapy and psychology.

They will evaluate when a patient can return to work, if specific equipment is required, if the patient requires a vocational evaluation and/or retraining program, or whether they should enter one of the specific work return/placement programs.

The Occupational therapist is an integral member of our Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Treatment Team. Please visit to review our Hamilton Occupational Therapy Services.

Psychological Services

It is well established in the chronic pain literature that patients with chronic pain respond best when they are enrolled in multidisciplinary treatment programs.

At Reinhold Rehabilitation Services we work closely with psychologists in our community. We offer a combined approach using cognitive behavioral, physical, functional and psychological approaches to rehabilitation.